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The AN/GRC-9, Description and Data

Radio Set AN/GRC-9(*) is a low-power radio transmitter and receiver that may be used in either ground or vehicular installations. The radio set receives and transmits continuous-wave (cw), amplitude-modulated (am), and modulated continuous-wave (mcw) radio-frequency (rf) signals in the 2 to 12 megacycle (mc) range.
It is basically a improved version of the WW II BC-1306 radio.

The AN/GRC-9 has been contructed by different US, German and French manufacturers. The radio has been used by US and NATO forces (Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands and Portugal). The former Yugoslav army the JNA and even the contra rebel forces in Nicaraqua. The JNA used the original US supplied radio and refurbished it with their own paint and markings.
They also made an improved copy that is called RUP-4.
There is also a Chinese copy made during the Vietnam war. The Chinese 102E radioset consists of a type 81 transmitter and a type 139 receiver.

Basic radio set AN/GRC-9

Different power options for the AN/GRC-9                                                                                         

All the power supplies are interchangeable in the radio sets.

For vehicular use: 

Vibrator power supply PE-237    6/12/24 volts d-c
Together with the AN/GRC-9 a new post war PE-237 was introduced as a replacement for the WW II version as used with the BC-1306.
(Look at the identification plate for a post war order date and for the new latches used for fastening the top cover.)

Dynamotor power supply DY-88/GRC-9    6/12/24 volts d-c

Dynamotor power supply DY-105/GRC-9    24 volts d-c only

For ground use: 

Power supply PP-327/GRC-9Y (Top) and PP-327A/GRC-9Y (Bottom)  115/220 volts a-c

Power supply PP-327A/GRC-9    Panel door open

There is a improved B version with an additional blower fuse and it uses .75 instead of 2-ampere protective fuses.


Generator GN-58(*)

Power unit PE-162
There are 4 models, the original US manufactured PE-162, the Belgian, the French and the German version.

With the early GRC-9 models they made use of the PP-39/TRC-2 to power the receiver instead of the BA 48 dry battery.



Additional equipment used with the radio set;

Microphone T-17

Headset HS-30-(*)

CW Key J-45

Loudspeaker LS-7

Cord CD-1086 power cable between the radio and the power supply unit.

Dry battery BA-48 that could power the receiver section.

Roll BG-174

Bag BG-172

Download original PDF GRC-9 bag information sheet

Box BX-53 with spare parts for the receiver and transmitter.

Typical ground installation


For vehicular use; 

Frame FM-85

Mounting MT-350/GRC-9

Mast Bracket MP-50

Mast Base MP-65

Download original PDF GRC-9 vehicle antenna information sheet


Typical vehicular installation


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