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This site is owned by Mark a Dutch collector of old surplus ground used military radio equipment.
Mark is a member of the SRS, the Dutch Surplus Radio society.

Military radio items wanted:

I am always looking for AN/GRC-9 and associated equipment, currently most wanted items are:


1. Ruggedized version of the DY-88 for use in tanks and APC's the
    ECDY-88 made by S.I.P.L. in Paris, France.


2. Powersupply Alimentation en 12/24 volts pour l' AM-66-A
    AA-18-B with only French markings.


3. Prototype amplifier made by ACEC Belgium.


4. German Telefunken DY-88 power supply in Navy gray color. (As used with the German navy)


5. German loudspeaker LS-7 in Navy gray color.


Do not hesitate and mail me on the link listed below if you have any of the mentioned items or anything else for the AN/GRC-9 to offer for a reasonable price !

 mail to: