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Power amplifiers

For use with the AN/GRC-9 there are three (3) different types of additional power amplifiers:

The German manufactured Hagenuk LV-80 which was in use with the German Bundeswehr.

The German manufactured Hagenuk RA-1 which was in use with the Belgian armed forces.

The French manufactured TRT AM 66 A which was in use with the French, Norwegian and Portugese armed forces.

LV-80 in combination with the AN/GRC-9.


All the special cables and hardware for the LV-80


AM 66 A in combination with the AN/GRC-9.

Special attention for the 12 and 24 volts d-c power supply AA 18 A which has a similar look as the DY-88/GRC-9.


Mounting instructions for the AN/GRC-9  and AM 66 A amplifier inside a French halftrack.




The AM 66 A has the same size and look as the AN/GRC-9 and utilizes three (3) 2E22 valves in parallel to boost the output to approximately 90 Watts.

There is also a mains supply available for the AM-66 the BA-224A



Special power supplies

The PE-162 is a gasoline driven generator which supplies 150 watts at d-c voltages of 6.2 and 500 volt directly to the AN/GRC-9 without the use of a DY-88/GRC-9.

For more info technical manual TM 11-971.

There is also a German version of this generator the Eisenman BGTA 150/6-500 C1 which is more compact and uses a Sachs engine. The French version looks like the US, but has a much weaker frame.

The U.S. manufactured PE-162


To make a soldiers live more easy the German Bundeswehr used a special frame to mount the GN-58(*) to convert the generator into a home trainer.


Tretgestell TG-58 unfolded ready for use and folded without Generator GN-58(*) for transportation.


There is also a Norwegian manufactured mains powersupply the RA-88/GRC-9.

Special receiver

The R-77 is a German, Telefunken manufactured receiver which is actually the basic receiver RT77/GRC-9  with a special transistorized power supply mounted together in a case. It is often fitted as a monitoring receiver in Unimog radio teletype stations.

The R-77 complete with all the accessories.



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